Megan Tutin
Loveland Pass in ColorCottonwood Pass with HailCottonwood PassColorado Fall #1Loveland PassInside Arches National ParkOff I-40, ArkansasOff I-90, WashingtonCemetery, New Orleans, LouisianaInside Death Valley National Park #2Inside Yosemite #2Inside Death Valley National ParkOff I-29, Nebraska/IowaOff I-80, CaliforniaOff AZ-64, ArizonaOff I-40, Arkansas #2Off I-40, ColoradoInside Big Bend National Park #2Inside Big Bend National ParkOff VT-2A, Vermont #2Off HWY-5, CaliforniaOff I-40, Arizona
American Landscape
This series of photographs display a type of landscape that allows viewers to see the vastness of the United States through the eyes of a passer-byer. Each photo is a reaction to the journey made through the country in solitude. However, there is a sense of revisiting or discovering places that have been stumbled upon many times over and will continue to be discovered over and over as time persists; each time with a different perspective. There is never an actual human relationship between the viewer and the land; leaving the image with a sense of abandonment. Therefore, I have created these images as a fleeting chance to capture the beauty of the American landscape as it exists in the moment.

Each image is created without excluding intrusions of man or manmade items. These interferences create a brief interruption to the sublimity of the land and install a likeness of how humans have and continue to influence the structure of the landscape. Rarely is the affect of man overbearing or dominant but rather obscure.

These qualities create an association to things past or even things to come, show the affects we are having and will continue to have, as well as, establish a commentary on the forsaken grandeur of the American terrain.